International and Interdisciplinary workshop on Active Data Management Plans 28-30 June 2016

This workshop is organised in conjunction with the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Active Data Management Plans Interest Group.

The registration page is available at Participation is open (subject to registration and space) to all members of that group, as well as all other interested parties.

There is no registration fee but participants are expected to cover their own travel and subsistence costs.

Success metrics

  • Change the way that funders expect DMPs to be produced
  • DMPs – will be able to be created, evaluated, monitored – to enable data to be exploited immediately and over the long term
  • Support EU Data Principles
    1. Discoverable – readily found to exist by online search
    2. Accessible– when discovered they can be interrogated
    3. Intelligible– they can be understood
    4. Assessable– the reliability of their source can be evaluated
    5. Useable– they can be re-used
      1. Interoperable (from FAIR)

Aims of workshop

  • Discuss ideas of requirements
    • Guided by success metrics
  • Understand how DMPs can help identify synergies across projects and disciplines
  • Separate group discussions on various aspects of DMPs
  • Agree overall concepts
  • Detailed next steps
    • Individual responsibilities
    • Schedule
    • Co-ordination