Basic training for digital preservation

In response to feedback we have received, we are developing new courses which will be announced soon including: half day overview of digital preservation for managers and chief executives 2 day course covering OAIS in greater depth 2 and a half...

Tools and services

PTAB spreadsheet – available here Preparing for an ISO 16363 audit – see here PTAB Repositories handbook – in preparation APARSEN list of tools - see here SCIDIP-ES tools, including tools to find or create Representation Information - see...

Useful groups

CCSDS is developing further standards in in OAIS family - see the CCSDS site The Research Data Alliance is working in several related areas


Background In 1996 the Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information declared, ‘a critical component of digital archiving infrastructure is the existence of a sufficient number of trusted organizations capable of storing, migrating, and providing a...

Further reading

Here is a list of useful reading material Material Venue Authors ERS2011copy.pptx Society of American Archivists' Annual Meeting in Chicago, 22-28 August 2011 Mark Conrad PV2011Giaretta.pdf PV2011