USGPO receives ISO 16363 certification

The US Government Publishing Office Govinfo repository has been awarded global ISO 16363 certification by PTAB. This followed the extensive two stage ISO 16919/17021 audit process which is described in the overview of the audit process.

See the GPO website for more details, the GPO press release, and the PTAB record of the certification here.

PV2018 Conference – Adding Value Preserving Data

The PV 2018 Conference will be held 15th – 17th  May 2018 at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory,   Harwell Space Cluster  (UK ), hosted by the UK Space Agency and jointly organised by STFC and NCEO.

For its ninth edition, the conference series moves to UKSA at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory part of the Harwell Space Cluster in the UK to continue addressing prospects in the domain of data preservation, stewardship and value adding of scientific data and research related information.

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Richard Marciano Receives the Emmett Leahy Award

The Emmett Leahy Award annually honors a pioneer in the field of records and information management. The 2017 award recognizes Dr. Richard Marciano’s outstanding and sustained work in digital records and information management. His insightful development of cyberinfrastructure to support records management has resulted in new methodologies, experimental systems, and analytics – producing new knowledge and new ways to understand the past. Dr. Marciano’s work has led to innovative advancements in record keeping for the humanities, sciences, and archives.

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PTAB first in the world to be accredited for ISO 16363 audit and certification

Much of our lives and our futures depend on digital information yet the “father of the internet” Vint Cerf worries about the coming “digital dark age”. How can we know who can be trusted with our digital future?

Now there is a way to do it in the same way we know which systems we can trust for food, environment, energy, namely through ISO certification by ISO accredited audit organisations. The standard in this case is ISO 16363, based on ISO 14721 which is better known as OAIS, the fundamental standard of digital preservation used throughout the world.

The first organisation in the world to receive accreditation for ISO 16363 for Trustworthy Digital Repositories is the Primary Trustworthy Digital Repository Authorisation Body Ltd (PTAB), based in Dorset, UK.  PTAB is now listed in the Register of Certification Bodies of National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB) under registration number TD 001 after the extensive accreditation process.

As a result, PTAB is authorized to audit digital repositories worldwide and, when appropriate, certify that they are trustworthy.

The PTAB international team members, each recognized for their expertise in digital preservation, authored ISO 16363 and many also authored ISO 14721 (OAIS), the fundamental standard for digital preservation.

For more information visit the website at, email or phone Dr David Giaretta, PTAB Director, on +447770326304.

PTAB’s accreditation (Accreditation number TD 001) can be confirmed at the NABCB website.

OAIS and ISO 16363 review happening now.

In order to ensure the continued usefulness of OAIS (ISO 14721) and ISO 16363 any revision must remain backward compatible with regard to major terminology and concepts. Further, for consistency the general level of detail should not be changed nor should the standard be changed from a reference model to an implementation design. Archive implementation standards or implementation profiles or detailed archival process standards or protocols should be addressed, but not in this document. They would become separate standards and would be developed through separate CCSDS projects. A particular interest for the current OAIS update is to reduce ambiguities and to fill in any missing or weak concepts and to add useful terminology.


Information about course in New Delhi, India Jan 11-13 2017 available

The Indian Centre of Excellence for Digital Preservation (C-DAC, has organised a high level course on Audit and certification of trustworthy digital repositories in association with PTAB.
The full details and registration page is available at The registration fee is Rs. 20,000.

International and Interdisciplinary workshop on Active Data Management Plans 28-30 June 2016

This workshop is organised in conjunction with the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Active Data Management Plans Interest Group.

The registration page is available at Participation is open (subject to registration and space) to all members of that group, as well as all other interested parties.

There is no registration fee but participants are expected to cover their own travel and subsistence costs.

Success metrics

  • Change the way that funders expect DMPs to be produced
  • DMPs – will be able to be created, evaluated, monitored – to enable data to be exploited immediately and over the long term
  • Support EU Data Principles
    1. Discoverable – readily found to exist by online search
    2. Accessible– when discovered they can be interrogated
    3. Intelligible– they can be understood
    4. Assessable– the reliability of their source can be evaluated
    5. Useable– they can be re-used
      1. Interoperable (from FAIR)

Aims of workshop

  • Discuss ideas of requirements
    • Guided by success metrics
  • Understand how DMPs can help identify synergies across projects and disciplines
  • Separate group discussions on various aspects of DMPs
  • Agree overall concepts
  • Detailed next steps
    • Individual responsibilities
    • Schedule
    • Co-ordination

ANAB opens its ISO 16363 accreditation program

ANAB has launched its new accreditation program for ISO 16363 – Audit and certification of trustworthy digital repositories.

The standard is seen as a solution to concerns of data preservation for many industries. Any industry that has preservation requirements, whether mandatory or voluntary, will benefit from accredited certification to ISO 16363 for digital repositories.
ANAB will use ISO 16919 –Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of candidate trustworthy digital repositories, a companion standard based on ISO/IEC 17021-1, for accreditation.