Training with on-line PTAB lecturer

Previous PTAB courses involved people travelling, sometimes great distances, to meet together in a room.

Because of demand from countries around the world for an online course PTAB would like to announce, in the first instance, online courses conducted through video conferences for a 4-day High Level Course on ISO 16363 (the outline is here, which also covers OAIS) and a 2-day course solely on OAIS for beginners. Additional courses are also planned for Data Management Planning and Digital Signature preservation (particularly for legal and government legislative documents).

The dates can be flexible to suit the attendees as can the way in which the course is delivered, for example full days or half days, run on consecutive days or spread over over one or more weeks.

There are considerable advantages in doing the online course, particularly for institutions and smaller companies with limited funds for training:

  • Significant cost saving, particularly for public institutions and smaller companies with limited funding
  • The normal High Level Course on ISO16363 is typically £1500 – £1800 per person depending on the requirements of the client
  • There are no travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses
  • ZERO carbon footprint  –  ZERO jetlag
  • The training can be one to one or for up to 20 people (scale of tuition fees listed below)
  • Attendees do not have to be away from their offices
  • The tutors are also the authors of the ISO standards being covering
  • You can choose the dates that are convenient for you, subject to availability at PTAB
  • The course can be split into two sessions if time constraints are a problem
  • The PTAB lecturer will fit in with your time zone
  • All training materials provided electronically

The special introductory (which ends with orders made before 31st DECEMBER) schedule of fees for the Online Training Courses:

4-Day High Level Course on ISO16363 for the more experienced digital repository managers (price is the total for the 4 days)

  • 2-5 Students                 £ 700 per person
  • 6-10 Students               £ 600 per person
  • 11-20 Students             £ 575 per person

2-day Course on OAIS for beginners (price is the total for the 2 days)

  • 2-5 Students                 £ 350 per person
  • 6-10 Students               £ 300 per person
  • 10-20 Students             £ 290 per person

To arrange a course please use the Contact page, mentioning that you want an on-line course.

It is still possible to arrange an on-site course for up to 20 people – just let us know.