Audit Costs

The cost of an audit will depend upon the size and complexity of the repository but a guide can be given as follows.

Description First audit/
recertification audit
Additional audits
Application fee and Stage 1 offsite audit (Non-refundable) £7500 £4000
Stage 2 fee £3000 £2000
Assessor/Expert Man-day rate on-site
typically 2 people for 2 days would be required i.e. 4 man-days
£1200 £1200
Certification fee £3000 £1500

Travel and subsistence (would be zero for remote assessment during pandemic)

Actuals Actuals

We also offer a pre-assessment at a cost of £5000, which would give you an idea as what the repository needs to do in order to ready to proceed with the full ISO audit.