Den Haag, May 18-22 2015

High Level Training Course on ISO 16363 for Managers of Digital Repositories Den Haag, The Netherlands – 18-22 May 2015.

Participants of the course at The Hague The hague - during the course

The Primary Trustworthy Digital Repository Authorisation Body (ISO-PTAB) plays a major role in training auditors and repository managers.  There are three important ISO standards:

  • ISO 14721:2012 (OAIS – a reference model for what is required for an archive to provide long-term preservation of digital information)
  • ISO 16363:2013 (Audit and certification of trustworthy digital repositories – sets out comprehensive metrics for what an archive must do, based on OAIS)
  • ISO 16919:2014 (Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of candidate trustworthy digital repositories – specifies the competencies and requirements on auditing bodies)

These three standards form a closely related family and an understanding of their principles and use will become increasingly important in establishing an internationally recognised and certified set of trustworthy digital repositories.

General Information

The course days begin at 09:00 each day and please ensure you arrive 15 minutes beforehand so that we can start promptly at 09:00. The recommended reading list and tutor profiles are attached and the full programme and course materials will be distributed on your arrival. Please bring a laptop and a sample of the data you are interested in for the interactive sessions.


Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5
2595 BE Den Haag
The Netherlands