Certification Mark

Certification Mark

While an organisation have current PTAB certification then it can use a visible token of successful certification in many different ways: on company documents and brochures, for example, or on vehicles and other advertising media. Please note, however, that these symbols must always be displayed in conjunction with the name of the organisation.

If the certificate does not apply to the whole of the organisation,  the restricted scope for which it is valid must be indicated.

Placing the registration number of the certificate next to the symbol is recommended, but not obligatory.

The symbols are not to be used for marking individual products since PTAB Certification, as a recognised certification body, must ensure that the use of its symbols does not create the impression that a product has been certified. Also laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports, as such any reports are deemed to be products in this context.

The organisation is required to inform PTAB Certification and seek further guidance regarding usage of certification mark in case of any change in status of certification (ie; scope extension, reduction, suspension, withdrawal, cancellation etc.).

The use of the certification mark must me discontinued upon suspension or withdrawal of certification, and all advertising matter must be amended when the scope of certification has been reduced.


A certified organisation will be supplied with a reproducible copy of the respective symbol on request through e-mail. No changes are to be made to the form, colour of the symbol. The accompanying text should be clearly legible.

General information

The PTAB Certification-certificate, issued by PTAB Certification in confirmation of conformity may only be used on condition that they are valid.

If the organisation has a web site, we recommend that this is exploited as a means referred to above in order to inform those visiting the site of the successful certification by PTAB Certification. To substantiate the validity of the certificate and for  legal security, we also recommend adding a link to the customer database on the PTAB Certification-home page: http://www.iso16363.org

Control on logo usage

PTAB Certification exercises proper control on the use of its management system registration documents, its own registration mark and the Accreditation Board accreditation mark. Incorrect references to the registration systems or misleading use of registration documents or marks found in advertisements, catalogues, Type labels or identification plates considered as part of the product etc., will be addressed by PTAB Certification by suitable actions as follows:

  • A letter would be sent to the concerned party by the Head (CEO) of PTAB Certification for making the necessary remedial action within a notice period of two weeks.
  • If the remedial action is not taken by the concerned party as specified in the afore-mentioned letter within the stipulated time period, then a legal notice will be sent to the concerned party. If the concerned party is a client, then the certificate suspension/withdrawal proceedings will be initiated.
  • If the concerned party still remains defaulting, appropriate and effective legal action will be taken as per the law of the land commensurate with the magnitude of the default by the concerned party.