Surprising results from OAIS Quiz

The digital world is getting more complex and interrelated, and we are all dependent on it.

Those responsible for preserving our digital capital into the future, right now have mostly simple PDFs, audio, video and images. But soon the complex and interrelated objects  will be coming their way. Even for something seemingly as simple as a spreadsheet one must know not just the format but also what the columns mean and what their units are. Centigrade or Fahrenheit, meters, millimeters or inches – makes a big difference.

The OAIS Reference Model (ISO 14721) is one of the most important standards for digital preservation, but the average that people scored in a quiz on OAIS which I set up was 66%, which I found surprising.

Take the quiz yourself to test your knowledge of OAIS and the fundamentals of digital preservation, to see if you are ready for the future.

You can improve your knowledge by taking our OAIS course.

If you want to prove your archive is trustworthy then take the course on ISO 16363, then apply for certification. Which would you trust to look after your valuable digital assets, an  archive ISO certified by independent auditors, or one which the staff say is OK?

Both courses are live on-line with one of the authors of these standards, like myself, and can be arranged to suit your timetable.

We have been trialing this way of providing the courses, at a reduced price. The cost will increase after 1st Jan 2020 but we will honour the reduced price for any course ordered before that date.

Don’t risk losing your valuable digital data, take action now.