Tools and services

PTAB spreadsheet – available here Preparing for an ISO 16363 audit – see here PTAB Repositories handbook – in preparation APARSEN list of tools - see here SCIDIP-ES tools, including tools to find or create Representation Information - see...


A number of organisations offer consultancy which is likely to help prepare for an audit and implement improvement plans arising from an audit. The following is an incomplete list: Giaretta Associates .....

Useful groups

CCSDS is developing further standards in in OAIS family - see the CCSDS site The Research Data Alliance is working in several related areas

Further reading

Here is a list of useful reading material Material Venue Authors ERS2011copy.pptx Society of American Archivists' Annual Meeting in Chicago, 22-28 August 2011 Mark Conrad PV2011Giaretta.pdf PV2011

Further Background

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